Carlton Nutrition Center (CNC)’s journey debuted in 2002.

We started out as providers of health care services under the management of the Carlton Al Moaibed
Hotel. What started as a service turned into meal boxes and nutrition support, producing thousands of
meal boxes daily!

With this success and support of Saudi Aramco, we launched and celebrated the opening of our branches
in Aramco Dhahran, Abqaiq and Ras Tanura in 2007. Our success enabled us to open a shop in Aramco
Midra, where we sell meals and snacks. In 2008, we branched out to Bahrain, building the path towards
an international project.

Today, CNC employs over 10 full-time dietitians and experts from varied backgrounds, providing you a
variety of programs to suit every goal and budget.

CNC offers personalized diets and consultations, catered to your preferences, dietary needs, lifestyle, and
budget. Our services are complemented by Carlton’s Health Club and Spa packages, enabling you to totally step into your newfound lifestyle.

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