Petroleum Services and Contracting Est. (PSCE) is a pioneer in the oil and gas industry in Sadui Arabia.

Founded in 1972, PSCE provides advanced energy services, backed by over 45 years of expertise in the
field, alongside a highly experienced team.

PSCE’s headquarter is in Dammam, but has subsidiaries all over Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, and Bahrain.
PSCE provides Upstream and Downstream oil field operations, alongside implementing modern art
technology and equipment within the Oil and Gas industry.

Any foreign company looking to invest and build a solid foundation for their business venture can rely on
PSCE to be its strategic partner and agent in the field, ensuring long-term success.

Just like any other Al Moaibed business, PSCE emphasizes greatly on after-sales services and providing
its customers with the highest degree of excellence and support.

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